We export best Ethiopian organic coffee from the main hubs of coffee producers in the country. From our distinct menu we include, Yirgacheffe coffee, harvested from a wild Forrest in the birth place of coffee. Our beans are filled with organic and diverse unique flavors.

Red beans / Kidney beans

Kidney beans are known in world’s healthiest food for their enriched protein content and iron content. They are also in a suggest recipe for cholesterol lowering fiber. Their fiber contents prevent high level blood sugar pressure.Consuming beans generally lessen the chance f a heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular health problem. And reduce fatigue and weakness due to their content of iron which is a source of energy.


Our sesame products are known for their organic nature, source of protein and fatty acid. Because you are what you eat, incorporating with other foods it helps you to build a healthy nutrition.

Soya beans

Soya beans are a good source of vitamins and various minerals. They are also a good source of plant based protein and fat.