We export best Ethiopian organic coffee from the main hubs of coffee producers in the country. Harvested from a wild Forrest in the birth place of coffee, that is filled with organic and diverse unique flavors. From our distinct menu we include,
Yirgacheffe coffee- since coffee is first discovered, Ethiopia has been provided some of the best premium coffee products, pungent and complex with a delicious winy taste as a wildness in the acidity. Among the most revered of Ethiopian coffee is the spicy of fragrant yirgacheffes which shimmer with citrus tones offer a very delicate body combined with a wonderful sweetness in taste and aroma.
Harar coffe- Harrar coffee is typically dry processed which allows the taste of the coffee’s fruit to impart to the coffee beans as the fruit dries on the bean. This unique way of processing produces a wild and intense flavor that is reminiscent of blackberries while exhibiting tones of very rich, dark chocolate.
Sidama coffeeSidama is the spesfic location where you can find the best and original Ethiopian coffee with a fresh organic flavor and great delicious test which gives you the magic stiffness of coffee.
Limmu coffee- limmu is a high quality wet processed (washed) Ethiopian coffee that exibits a relatively low acidity, yet it somehow is sharp. The brewed cap is distinguished by its well-balanced body with winey and spicy flavors.
Jimma coffee- an excellent and low acid Ethiopian coffee, when it wet processed or washed. Jimma coffee is grown in Illibabur and Kaffa region of Ethiopia at elevations from 4000 to 6000 feet above sea level.

Red beans / Kidney beans

Kidney beans are known in world’s healthiest food for their enriched protein content and iron content. They are also in a suggest recipe for cholesterol lowering fiber. Their fiber contents prevent high level blood sugar pressure.
  • Red beans
Consuming beans generally lessen the chance f a heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular health problem. And reduce fatigue and weakness due to their content of iron which is a source of energy. Studies show that consuming read beans can help to reduce the risk of many adverse health conditions.


Our sesame products are known for their organic nature, source of protein and fatty acid. Because you are what you eat, incorporating with other foods it helps you to build a healthy nutrition. The health benefits of sesame oil include its ability to improve skin and hair health, help in bone growth, and alleviate some dental issues and cardiovascular ailments. It also shows positive implications for managing anxiety and depression, protecting infant health, and even helping to improve the digestive process.

Soya beans

Soya beans are a good source of vitamins and various minerals. They are also a good source of plant based protein and fat. Like other beans grows in pods enclosing edible seeds. They are usually green but can be yellow, brown or black. The texture is so adaptable that soya beans are frequently processed into a variety of foods.